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Kaskade Takes Us Behind The Scenes With Redux: Backstage, Part 1

Kaskade shared a YouTube video from behind the scenes of his successful Redux Tour to his Twitter following this week. Conflating moments of his travels between cities, pensive car rides, and his time behind the decks, the Kaskade Redux: Backstage Part 1 video is quintessential for any of Ryan’s fans.

The peek behind the curtain is short and sweet with a runtime checking in a little over four minutes, but the name suggests that we can expect a full series of videos to follow (much in the same way he did for his Atmosphere Tour series). Including footage from both this and last year’s Redux tours, you can hear Ryan candidly sharing his thoughts prior to performing at Output in Manhattan, NY.

I’m wondering if the people are going to be that up for it… I’m a little nervous, anxious, excited right now. Always doing it the first time, it’s not like I get to play these kinds of sets all the time – I’m not really well-versed in what I’m gonna do tonight. I kind of just throw 60 tracks into a folder and be like okay, here’s an idea of where I can go…and just pick from those.

Kaskade Redux Behind the Scenes

Kaskade’s Redux shows take place in only the most intimate venues.

It’s impossible not to find Ryan’s humbleness absolutely endearing, which is why we will always love him. Uniting new and old fans alike,  he goes on to reminisce over his experience of the Redux tours:

People loved the idea and I had a ton of fun doing it. I thought it would be cool to go out and play a handful of small clubs, and play some of the old records again…for me it’s a blast to go into these small rooms and play in these intimate settings. There’s no rules in these rooms. I kinda do whatever I want.

Part 2 has not yet been announced, but hopefully this video will satisfy your Kaskade cravings while Ryan deals with his Soundcloud debacle. Click play above and get into the groove!