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Kaskade Invites Fans to Remix ‘Ain’t Gotta Lie’

There’s just no stopping Kaskade is there? But why would we want to! He’s back with a brand new release from his upcoming EP, Redux, coming June 24th.  Aint Gotta Lie is only the second track we’ve seen from this highly anticipated EP, and it’s safe to say the track only makes us more anxious for the end of the month to arrive. Aint Gotta Lie dropped Billboard style with a compilation music video made up of exhilarating tour clips. Furthermore, Ryan reached out on Tumblr urging his fans to remix Aint Gotta Lie, and gave us all the stems to do so!

So what’s next on Kaskade’s busy schedule? His new Redux tour starts this month! Shaped to be much more intimate, Ryan’s Redux tour will play to a much much smaller crowd. Find out where to catch him on his tour page here. Make sure to check out his video for Aint Gotta Lie below featuring vocals from deCarl!