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Kaskade’s Official Music Video ‘Cold As Stone’ Is Finally Out

The official video for Kaskade’s, Cold As Stone dropped this week. Directed by Jakub Blank, featuring Kaskade and Charlotte Lawrence, Jakub Blank proves that all you need for an amazing music video is good music, lighting, and good company.

Set in a diner, the video shows the confidence people get when they finally get the courage to walk away from something that is not meant for them anymore, if it be a job, a relationship, a living situation. People become more confident when they feel comfortable with their decisions. This is shown in Charlotte’s change in appearance, as well as attitude. This video highlights Charlotte Lawrence walking away from a relationship, as well as showing people stuck and unhappy.

Even though Kaskade is only featured a couple times, his presence is powerful through out. He is almost a form of protection. Kaskade took the back seat in the video and let Charlotte Lawrence take the lead, while his music spoke for itself.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!