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Kaskade Drops New Single, ‘Cold As Stone,’ with Charlotte Lawrence

Kaskade released another emotional single this last Friday, and we are hooked. It has amazing lyrics sang by Charlotte Lawrence who seemed to tie everything together. Its a little different than what we were expecting from Kaskade, but it is the perfect track going into festival season.

He shared bits and pieces of the single leading up to the release (March, 16th), along with some information about how long it has been in the works. It is cool to see that he now feels comfortable releasing it and is happy with what came out.

“This song was conceived over a year and a half ago and it’s been sitting on my hard drive ‘cause I could never quite get it right. I loved it, but I just was frustrated ‘cause I couldn’t dial it in the way I wanted to. That is until Charlotte sang it and when she sang it, she just nailed it, and really, after that, everything kinda came together.”

Check it out below and let us know what you think!