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Did Kaskade’s Christmas Album Change Your Mind?

Well Kaskade did it. He changed my mind about Christmas albums, and now I have something to listen to this holiday season. It always seemed to me that Christmas albums were meant for Mariah Carey, and boy bands, but it looks like Kaskade can make even Christmas music cool and modern.

Last week Kaskade dropped the full length Kaskade Christmas album, and it got us into the holiday spirit. Many of the tracks on the album are classics of the holiday season such as Deck the Halls and O Come, Emmanuel. But don’t worry, Kaskade put some originals on the album as well. Kaskade does a great job of showing his love for Christmas music, while making it modern and relatable to listeners now. It is great to see him explore something he cares so much about, while changing peoples minds of what Christmas music should sound like.

With the beautiful lyrics, amazing transitions and drops, it is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. And what better DJ to change your mind about Christmas music, than Kaskade.

Check it out and let us know if you will be listening to it this holiday season.