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Kandi in Public Releases Web-Trackable Kandi Bracelets and Charms

But should kandi be used to make a profit?

Trading kandi—beaded bracelets containing messages and themed patterns—is a long-standing tradition within the EDM community as a symbol of friendship. But, how many of us have piles of these bracelets thoughtfully gifted to us by fellow festival and rave-goers that sit idly by 99% of the time? A company called Kandi in Public made it their mission to change this.

Their bracelets represent an elevated version of typical kandi, with the intention to wear as an every day source of inspiration. The feature that makes these bracelets truly stand out is the ability to track the entire trade history online. You can write a story of why you gave the bracelet away before sending it off. When you receive bracelet you can write a story describing the moment you first met, and even include a thank you.

However, there are mixed reviews of this accessory, as some believe it to be morally questionable to make a profit off of kandi. On the company’s Facebook page one user suggested they sell the trackable tags so individuals can make their own more personalized bracelets. To which, Kandi in Public responded, “That’s a great idea,” and has subsequently begun selling packs of tracking charms so you can do just this. There is also a stigma behind kandi, with some events going so far to even ban attendees from wearing the bracelets into their venue, as they are associated with drug use and younger crowds. Kandi in Public aims to combat this by highlighting the immense positivity behind “Kandi culture” and “how one little message worn on a wrist can go a long way.” Even better? 5% of proceeds go to support their charitable alliances.


Would you wear one of Kandi in Publics bracelets, or use one of their trackable charms? Let us know in the comments!