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Kaleidoscope Music Festival Postponed Until 2015

An abrupt change in Kaleidoscope Music Festival’s venue has lead to further unforeseen obstacles. As with any major festival there are hours, weeks and months put into preparing so festival-goers are able to have the best possible experience. With controversy continuously circling around Kaleidoscope Festival it seems as though it will take a bit longer to launch the festival again within the state of Oregon. Initially held in Eugene, Lane County cancelled kaleidoscope festival after just one year.

“The combination of noise complaints and litter are what led to the county’s decision. -Mike Russell, Lane County’s Parks Manager

With an initial debut in 2012, Kaleidoscope Festival will not be set to re-launch again until 2015 in Mt. Hood. Kaleidoscope Music Festival was set to return in 2014 with a new location but with such a drastic change just 3 months before the festival was to be held, pushing the date to the summer of 2015 became inevitable.

If you plan to attend Kaleidoscope Music Festival next summer, let us know what you thought of the first year and what you hope to see in 2015!