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Justin Jay and Thumpasaurus are Releasing a Groovy EP

If you have ever had the opportunity to hear a set by Justin Jay, or just his music in general, you know that he has made the correct career choice by going into music. He takes chances with his unique sound, and that is no different with his recent projects. His recent single, Dance Like It’s Your Ooey, brings you back. It is a full on 80s track! It is an edit of a track done by a band that he knew in college and is collaborating with: Thumpasaurus.

On Billboard, Justin Jay had this to say:

“Thumpasaurus is an insane five-piece punk/funk band that formed in LA at USC while I was in college. I’d see these guys tear it up at rowdy backyard house parties or in people’s living rooms where sweat would drip from the ceiling. I can’t explain how formative it was for me musically to see Thumpasaurus. They reignited my interest in live music and bands. They’re a huge musical inspiration of mine. Stoked to have done this collaborative EP with them.”

It is no surprise that this collaboration would happen, both parties are not afraid to take some chances with their music, and get down. The EP’s official first single Wayne’s World, is set to come out early April, after they do a show together in LA.

Listen to the edit below and keep an eye out for the EP!