Big Slide Records

Big Slide Records Drops Single ‘Hands On’ by Justin Hartinger and Kody Ryan

Seattle’s independent electronic label Big Slide Records (formerly the label side of CODA) is releasing “Hands On” by founder Justin Hartinger and vocalist Kody Ryan.

“The message of the song to me is about how strong physical desire is yet our head always second guesses our heart. Exploring something brand new but that confidence isn’t fully formed yet and admitting that being human.”

-Kody Ryan

This track is Kody’s first collaborative work with Justin, and it comes at the most perfect time. Different from his premier through Big Slide Records with “Hard to Feel,” “Hands On” shows a very different side of Kody, a result he says came from being pushed out of his usual comfort zone!

With the unpredictable winter months, this lively pop influenced electronic track is sure to send warm vibrations through your bones. Evoking feelings of both sensuality and playfulness, this track will surely have you reminiscing about warm summer night as it takes you on a journey of passionate desire.

Through mindful lyrics and contagious rhythm, this track is one we expect will truly nestle its way into our hearts.

Check out the track and share your favorite part about it in the comments!