Justin Hartinger

Justin Hartinger and Kody Ryan Team Up For New Single “End Up”

Seattle favorites Justin Hartinger and Kody Ryan have teamed up for a new single called End UpThis marks the second time the two artists have teamed up, the other being Hands On which was released back in May of 2018.

Justin’s End Up targets his production’s dramatic contrast, percussive rhythm, and animated sound design. Ryan provides an addicting lyrical melody to guide listeners throughout the climactic course of the record. Both Justin and Kody come together harmoniously to supply a jarring ride up to a relieving / dancey chorus.

When asked about inspiration behind End UpJustin had this to say:

I’m not ashamed of being in touch with my feelings…macho masculinity culture calls for men to hide or simply not have the exact message we portray in ‘End Up’…insecurity, it’s ok to be NOT ok. I kind of aimed to celebrate that emotion here.

That said-same emotion is what drives End Up throughout it’s highs and lows. The intro starts out with low basslines and merges with the disembodied vocals of Kody. The track is fused with a hip-hop, EDM vibe, all tailored to suit Kody’s vocals and Justin’s production style. Make no mistake, it’s both heart-wrenching as it is fresh.

Both artists are also teaming up for a forthcoming four-song project called We Hade Plans. So stay tuned for that, and check End Up below!