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JUSTice On the Beat Takes the Crown With Remix of 3LAU’s “How You Love Me”

Justin Blau, best known by his stage name 3LAU, has hit the dance music scene like a ton of bricks this past year. The 23 year old electronic dance music producer has hit each coast with his bash-ups and progressive house tracks. 3LAU’s recent burst in attention had a great deal to do with his original How You Love Me featuring the vocal talents of Bright Lights. The duo made an astounding team and produced an even more outstanding track. With such a flawless song it’s hard to imagine how How You Love Me could get much better.

3LAU put out the How You Love Me remix competition for up-and-coming producers/DJs, encouraging them to remix his original track. The winner, JUSTice On The Beat noticed the lack of need to remix the track at all.

When he released How You Love Me I immediately loved the song. At first, I didn’t really have that much intention to remix it, because I felt like it didn’t really have a need to be remixed.

justice on the beat how you love me remix

JUSTice On The Beat is a name we’ll all remember.

When 3LAU released the vocals to How You Love Me, JUSTice On The Beat knew he needed to enter the competition. He had listened to some of the tracks that had been submitted and realized they were all very similar to the original 3LAU had put out, featuring a progressive house feel. JUSTice On The Beat took the track in a whole new direction.

I wasn’t quite sure what I could do with a song like this to make it totally different. When he released the acapella version of the song I knew it was time for me to try this out [remixing]. I listened to some of the entries in the contest and I realized that most of them were similar styles to the song- progressive house, electro house etc. I’ve always been a fan of some trap music (mainly more relaxed trap), so I thought I would go with something like that.

The freshly graduated 17 year old from Marin County, CA has really proved his skills through his remix of How You Love Me. JUSTice On The Beat took the original track and give it a completely new sound, something we thought was not possible. Let us know what you think of this rising talent and congratulate him on his win!