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Throw-Back French Duo Justice Announces New Album

Riding the wave of their 2017 Woman Worldwide live world tour, famous French duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, better known as Justice, have announced a new album.

Arriving August 24th via Ed Banger/Because Music, and also titled Woman Worldwide, this studio-style album is an obvious homage to their original works and Woman. Following their tour’s set-list almost to a tee, it features reworked and remixed versions of many of their original songs. Thereby, it takes their avant-garde and synth-pop sound to a whole new level. Despite arriving later this summer, the duo did confirm publicly that Woman Worldwide was “made to sound like a proper studio album.”

Compared to the other famous French duo, Daft Punk, who has also released both live and studio mixed albums, Justice has kept their sound fairly consistent over their 12+ year music career. Their new 2018 world tour consists of only three U.S.A. stops, with the closest being over 1000 miles away. See Justice live at the 2018 Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival September 21-23 in Las Vegas, NV. Good music is good music, so now years later we foresee these new reworked versions being just as listenable as their originals – what do you think?