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Just Announced: Pegboard Nerds North American Tour

Here at DMNW, we take pride in helping you discover new music or making the latest announcements in the world of EDM. Just earlier this week, we let you know about Wax Motif’s stops in BC & Seattle during his upcoming visit to our neck of the woods; and today we bring you another tour you won’t want to miss. A pair that can entertain both ends of the spectrum, be it a heavy hitting bass track or a feel good four to the floor kind of beat. We’re talking about the Scandinavian duo better known as the Pegboard Nerds!

The pixilated powerhouses recently announced their 2016 North American tour and good news for us; they’re making 4 stops in the PNW this spring! Hailing from Denmark & Norway, the heavy hitters are well known around the world for their unique blend of electro house & dubstep, and an extensive tour schedule. Fresh off the release of their latest EP Pink Clouds, the Pegboard Nerds are ready to take over the PNW with a fresh bag o’ beats. So if you’re liking the sounds coming out of link below, then don’t drop the ball on picking up your tickets!

Vancouver residents can catch them light up Celebrities on March 24, while our friends in Spokane, Seattle, and Portland will have to wait until April 6, 7, and 8 respectively. Tickets are available today, so what are you waiting for? Click on the links below for info on how you can grab yours up today and keep an eye out for the next major tour announcement by DMNW!

Vancouver ticket info

Spokane ticket info

Seattle ticket info

Portland ticket info