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Is The Underground the Best Trance Club in the US? One DJ Says It Might Be

“10/10 would recommend”

The Seattle Trance Family knows how special The Underground is. After last Wednesday night, so does one of the biggest names in trance music.

John O’Callaghan, the legendary Irish DJ/Producer, helped bring the gift of Trancegiving to the Emerald City, en route to Southern California for Dreamstate, performing for a soldout crowd of 200 at the intimate, underground venue located in Pioneer Square.

Immediately after the show, JOC took to social media to heap some praise. Check it out!

Top tier trance artists celebrating The Underground is nothing new. In just a few short years times, previous performers include Markus Schulz, Bryan Kearney, and Giuseppe Ottaviani to name a few.

However, for John O’Callaghan, who is as massive as the names listed above, to announce to the world that the club “might” be the best trance venue in all of America? This might be The Underground’s biggest endorsement yet! The Seattle Trance Alliance is really building something special underground, and we’re excited to see what they come up with in the future.

You can experience the magic of trance at The Underground in next weekend as Cold Blue makes his Seattle debut! Event, and ticketing, information is available here.