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Got the January Blues? BBC Radio 1 Says Try The Power of “Yes”

BBC Radio 1 Reveals A Key To A Happy January and It Consists of Three Letters

“New year, new me”. You’ve heard this before. Each time the calendar flips from December to January, the feeling of a fresh start is in the air. But what happens when this freshness, this energy, decreases as the first days, and weeks, of the year chug along? Unhappiness? Frustration? Fatigue? Combined with the cold winter weather, gray skies, dark mornings and darker nights, it’s easy to fall into the doldrums and become close-minded. According to BBC Radio 1, there is a way to potentially prevent this from happening and it all starts with one simple word: “yes”.

Every day this month, the British mega radio program is sharing tips on how you can have a “jovial” January. Chris Stark, a Radio 1 resident DJ and on-air personality, revealed how powerful the word “yes” was to him. In an interview with Radio 1, Stark tells a story that you might be able to relate to: not being in the mood to go out, but you dress up and hit the town anyways.

On this particular night out, Stark went to an event, and while he didn’t feel comfortable and almost came up with an excuse not to go, something funny happened. He met someone and formed a great friendship!

“That’s the point. If you say yes more, it will lead to opportunities you may never have been on the route to.”- Chris Stark

Happen to you?

Stark also points out how saying yes opens doors you otherwise wouldn’t expect, to which science agrees!

Dawna Markova, a writer and inspirational speaker, says

“just being willing to say yes means you’ve removed the barriers to new people, experiences and new feelings.”

Who knew that three letter word had so much power?! Obviously you don’t want to say yes to EVERYTHING, especially if you’re actively participating in this Pacific Northwest rave scene that’s far from perfect. Like, posting a picture of your molly face. Don’t. Say no!

However, going to Lucky or Insomnia 2017, meeting new friends and dancing to some good music? Now these are things worth saying yes!

Has your life changed by saying yes more than no? Have any tips to help get us all through this month? Drop a comment and let us know!