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Review: Debut album from Jai Wolf a musical master stroke

Jai Wolf
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Remember talking about how Producer/DJ’s were collectively taking breaks in January and February? As 2019 continued, multiple producers worked in their studios on new music, and we now have access to the fruit of their labor in the form of a new Bassnectar EP, a new Griz Album, and the subject of our meeting today: a new album by Jai Wolf, featured on Foreign Family Collective.

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the cure to loneliness – out now

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If you are unfamiliar with Jai Wolf then throw all your expectations out the window. The New Yorker is apart of Odesza’s label, the previously mentioned Foreign Family Collective. Jai Wolf touches on the vibe that Odesza create, and his debut album may keep us patient until their fourth studio album.

Jai Wolf’s The Cure To Loneliness was released on April 5, 2019. We find ourselves with a 12 song track-list. There is a solid beginning, middle, and end. Alternatively, turn on shuffle settings and create your own story.

You can find infinite messages throughout The Cure To Loneliness. It would be foolish to interpret the story as one adventure. The energy found in Jai Wolf’s music is more important than the story behind it. For example, This Song Reminds Me Of You and Better Apart have a special aura about them. Jai Wolf is leading us straight into the vibrant glow of Springtime.

Standout Tracks:

Better Apart: The first thing we notice about this song is the feature of both clear vocals and vocal chops throughout. Jai Wolf worked with wonderful lyrics from Dresage. Tracks that are similar include Porter Robinson & Madeon’s Shelter, and Odesza’s Sun Models.

Dresage’s lyrics paint a picture of a relationship ending on mutual terms. Breakups are not meant to be happy, but this has some kind of grace to it. Like making it to the finish after a tough race, the end of a staggering relationship. We are happy to take the next step in our lives with Jai Wolf.

This Song Reminds Me Of You: The fictional, “You,” is special because it’s meaning can differ from person to person. Every individual experience changes who this person resembles.

We would love to eternally loop this song because for three minutes and 55 seconds everything about our environment changes. Perhaps we were hiding in a cave with rain pounding over our heads and then heard The Cure To Loneliness. It would feel like we were driving on a cosmic highway in a far and distant place.

Manic Pixie Dream: This song and the previous are completely instrumentals. As the sixth track, it acts as a middle-point for the album. We are placed in an important dream that foreshadows what steps we need to take. It is hard to picture anything but a midday daydream when hearing Manic Pixie Dream.  

Glow with Jai Wolf:

There is so much to love about Jai Wolf’s The Cure to Loneliness. It is especially incredible on rainy days like today. Jai Wolf allows us to glow without needing help from the sun.

Lose My Mind, Telepathy, Your Way, This Song Reminds Me Of You, and Better Apart were released as promotional singles. The remaining 7 are new songs that compliment a 12 track masterpiece.

If you’ve had a chance to check out Jai Wolf’s album, give us your take! How about that new album from Griz, a Bassnectar EP, and two Ilan Bluestone songs to kick off the spring release schedule? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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