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Blue Screen of Death: A Rhythmic Freezing Effect for Audio Production

We recently reviewed ULTRAKICK by Isotonik, an incredibly powerful Max for Live kick drum synthesizer. We are always excited to get acquainted with more products offered on Isotonikstudios.com, and were elated to try out Blue Screen of Death, named after the ‘BSOD’ that many experienced on early Windows computers.

BSOD is a synced freezing effect that both yields sonically interesting results and is incredibly easy to use. You can add it on vocals for a classic psychedelic stutter effect; on drums to add interesting polyrhythms- pretty much wherever you want. It essentially freezes/unfreezes the incoming audio according to the plugin’s settings. The effect is incredibly bizarre, perfect for the modern composer or engineer!

Primary Features Include:
• Precise gating (‘width’) with an adjustable cut from very narrow to very wide
• Clean sound without unwanted distortion (just the controlled, good kind!)
• Fully controllable by automation and midi
• Simple and effective GUI

BSOD Controls:
• Freeze: control the gate frequency, relative to the project’s time signature/tempo
• Width: adjusting the gate’s length
• Dry/Wet: master dry/wet control

isotonic BSOD plugin

For only nine bucks you can incorporate the glitchy sounds of BSOD into your Ableton device arsenal today! Also, make sure to check out their huge selection of other unique and powerful Ableton tools.

What’s your go-to plugin for sonic chaos? Let us know in the comments below.