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Hot New Summer Track Alert: “Is It Love” by Nyxen

Australian producer and instrumentalist Nyxen dropped her newest single Is It Love recently, and it is a summer must. Sometimes, we focus on music from the states and don’t get exposure to music from other parts of the world, but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Nyxen started her music career in 2015, and is slowly climbing her way to the top in Australia. She creates a calming and chill vibe by using her own vocals and instrumental sounds in her music. She has had the opportunity to play at Lost Paradise, one of the biggest music festivals in Australia, plus other small shows and festivals. With inspiration from Miike Snow, you will hear the care-free attitude continually reflected in Nyxen’s music.

Summer is the season where we put some of our head-banging tracks to the side and plug-in tracks that will give us the feels. When we first listened to Is It Love, it gave us the same emotions as Audien’s One More Weekend. With the sweet sound of the guitar and high vocals, this dance music track is fitting for the upcoming summer days.

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