Ireland is Fighting Back Against Ticket Scalpers

Being fans of music events, we are no stranger to scalpers and bots when it comes to buying tickets to our favorite shows. We prepare to be at our computer at 10 a.m. and wait for the timer to reach 0, and then we are greeted with a screen that says, “sold out.” How did that happen so quick? Someone or technology beat us, and frustrating is an understatement. But now Ireland is speaking up and fighting back.

Ireland is banning reselling tickets for more than face value. This is a huge deal for sports and music fans. The cabinet has agreed on banning the resale of tickets for venues that hold more than 1,000 people. As of now it is just for larger venues but this same ruling could be applied to smaller venues in the future.

They are also banning the use of “bot software” which uses multiple credit cards or accounts to buy up large numbers of tickets to resell.

Ireland fighting back is a huge step for fans, and we can only hope that this continues into other places and we beat ticket scalpers.