PK Sound

Introducing PK Sound’s Newest Robotic Loudspeaker: Trinity 10

Hardly any ravers are unaware of the bass behemoth company, PK Sound. A house name in the electronic and bass music scene, they’ve pushed sound system boundaries. They’re a resident sound company for major festivals each season, including Shambhala and EDC. In their northern home of Calgary, Alberta, they’ve introduced the first mid-size, three-dimensionally controlled system of it’s kind.

The Trinity 10, announced this week, stands as the newest member to their loudspeaker family. Smaller than their full-size module, they maintain versatile control over the direction of sound their larger cousins provide. Similarly voiced to the full-size models, they bring remotely controlled, world class sound field control to mid-size speakers.

“Trinity 10 is the next evolution in robotic line array technology and provides unparalleled sound field control in a mid-size solution,” said Jeremy Bridge, President and CEO of PK Sound. “By giving users the ability to sculpt the sound field in all three dimensions, precision and accuracy previously unobtainable can now be achieved. This vastly increases both traditional and creative applications for both artists and engineers.

In addition to the groundbreaking clarity Trinity systems brought to the scene, these bad boys have a Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI) to combine mid high range frequencies. The CMI waveguide is adjustable, letting engineers manipulate focus of the sound field. This also increases their sensitivity allowing higher throw capabilities.

Each module packs loads of functions, controls and operable features. Whether or not these mid-sized will revolutionize EDM shows the way their predecessors have remains to be seen. However, we know that PK is a bone-rattling bass powerhouse capable of earth shattering and crystal clear audio. Top of the line Trinity technology in a mid-size speaker will only make them more versatile.

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