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Inside the Openers: Big Wild & Bonobo at the Paramount Pre-ODESZA

Most of the talk you see leading into a big show concerns the headlining act. When it comes to local superstars like ODESZA, that’s true to an even larger extent, with the Bellingham duo playing a whopping four shows in three nights this weekend. The people often left out of the conversation though are the talented openers. Here in Seattle, we’ve lucky enough to have a whole stable of talented locals hitting the decks every weekend. When a tour like ODESZA’s brings their own openers to town, it’s a double bonus for fans, bringing us both local and international talent on top of the main attraction.

For ODESZA’s first night in Seattle December 5th, we’ll be treated to the stylings of Big Wild and Bonobo. Both are acts that complement the dreamy vibes of the headliner, but more than that, they’re artists who we’d see even if they were carrying a night all by themselves.

Big Wild

Hailing from Los Angeles, Big Wild specializes in the chilled out and even-tempo ODESZA helped revolutionize with their rise to prominence. You can hear hints of our local heroes in his own sets, spiced up with his own unique touch that takes us through realms of hip-hop, funk, and house. It’s no small task weaving a quilt composed of that many elements, and that’s exactly what Big Wild brings to the stage every time he performs. Show up early enough this weekend, and you’ll get a chance to experience his unique twist on dreamy downtempo that puts him firmly in the “must-see” category.


Bonobo is an artist who’s no stranger to the Northwest, having been through town plenty of times both as an opener, and for his own sold-out show at Neumos last year. In terms of his sound, the talented Brit specializes in ethereal vibes fit for festivals like WTFest and Shambhala (anyone who spent time in the Grove at Shambhala 2015 will likely have caught both him and Big Wild). This sound makes him an ideal opener alongside Big Wild, with his more laid-back appeal pairing perfectly with Wild’s decidedly more straightforward dance beats. Together, they make an ideal combination to set us up for ODESZA’s first set of the weekend.

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