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Input/Output: A Film Funded by the Love of Electronic Music

Everything has to start somewhere. And while electronic music isn’t new by any means, it is still viewed by a lot of people as somewhat of an unknown. People are scared of things they don’t know or don’t understand. Think about how you felt the first day of school, or during your own recent exploration into the unknown. That’s how the average person views EDM culture, as an outsider looking in. Whether they want in or not is an entirely different conversation, but one man (with the help of a very talented team) made it his mission to ensure there’s at least one resource available to help people make an informed decision.

Input/Output is the brain child of Kevan McGovern, who was also behind the Shambhala Experience. I/O is a feature-length film 5 years in the making and the first of its kind. Kevan has traveled from coast to coast and back, attending well over 100 events in order to gain a well-rounded perspective, and he provides us with a unique inside look at what makes our not-so-little community tick. He conducted more than 200 interviews with artists, fans, volunteers and other important pillars of the scene.

In a perfect example of just how powerful the love of this community really is, a Kickstarter was founded and donations to help fund I/O poured in. The goal of $40,000 was met by just 388 backers. How’s that for giving back to your community? At more than $100 on average invested by each person, clearly I/O isn’t just any other documentary (or Hollywood’s perspective); it’s a documentary by the people, for the people. But also for the entire world to see what life is really like on the inside of our scene. It’s a documentary about the time, effort, dedication, and love it takes to constantly make this community a better place for everyone involved.

Have you seen anything that accurately represents the EDM community to date?

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