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Infected Mushroom Talk Animatronic Tour & Piracy (Interview)

While the group may not deviate much from the set list during a show, Infected Mushroom is running both DJ sets and live performances over the course of the tour. However, after witnessing the chaotic, uncontrollable energy of the full band performance, imagining the two standing behind the decks, feeding one song into another instead of shredding it out themselves, was an impossible task.

It’s not that we weren’t confident that the two could pull off a rousing show for the audience while DJing. After all, 80% of the set was pre-recorded anyway. Rather, after witnessing the obvious enjoyment and energy Infected Mushroom possessed onstage, we wondered if they felt wholly underwhelmed when unable to perform live.

Amit: “We love both.”

Erez: “We love. That’s it.”

Amit: “That’s it. The band setup is where we have the most fun, you know? The DJ setup is a different thing because we can use other peoples’ music. So we enjoy both.

However, when it comes to playing other peoples’ music, there’s always the issue of copyright infringement. From the controversy of royalty collection when owned music is spun into a DJ set to the Soundcloud debacle currently plaguing the dance music scene, everyone’s being affected.

Amit: A lot of music went down, there’s been liability issues with the labels at the moment and Soundcloud and shit that I think need be resolved, but in the end of the day, Spotify is bigger than both. We think music should be available for everybody. We don’t care about album sales. We’re big supporters of illegal downloads and shit.

It’s a sentiment that many people are hesitant to come out and say openly, artists in particular. But over the course of their nearly twenty year career, Infected Mushroom’s always pushed boundaries and gone against the status quo with little hesitation.

With such longevity comes a thorough understanding of their target audience as well. Experience enables performers the ability to predict crowds with ease, and play accordingly. However, music in a live setting is still art, performance art, but art nonetheless. With that in mind, performers must have a desire in mind for their audience as well, something they personally want to get out of a crowd.

Erez: Go wild as much as possibly. Go crazy, hands in the air, jumping, having fun.

Amit: And today was a good example of that.

While Infected Mushroom’s animatronic tour has left the Northwest, there are still a few United States shows remaining, and you might even get to see some blasts of fire if you’re lucky. Let us know your thoughts on the stage in the comments, Facebook, and Twitter!

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