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We Chat About All Things Harm Reduction, the Indigo Way (Interview)

The Story of How One CAN Make A Difference

Strong-willed. Independent. Innovative. Indigo children (and adult Indigo’s) are souls of advanced wisdom, compassion, and high energy. It is believed that they are “specially gifted souls” who are here to help with the evolution of the Earth; to make a significant difference in the world. For this particular Indigo, making a difference in Canadian rave culture is her calling- tackling some of the issues that have plagued the electronic dance music scene for decades head-on.

Shelby Young, born and raised in British Columbia, is a nurse who currently practices in Edmonton, Alberta. Like the medical field, EDM is a big part of her life. “I am a big, deep, dark bass head,” she describes, citing Space Jesus, Excision and REZZ as some of her favorite artists. A frequent festival-goer, a trip to Costa Rica this spring for the Bamboo Bass Festival sparked an idea. After seeing Karmik, a Vancouver-based harm reduction organization, in action at the festival, Young said to herself “this is something I could do too!” Months later, Indigo Harm Reduction Services was born.

Various Indigo Harm Reduction Informational Goodies! (Photo: Indigo Harm Reduction on Facebook)

Still in its infancy, Young has BIG dreams for her Indigo project. “I hope to take over the world by spreading truth, and knowledge, to help spread the right habits that will keep people safe,” she quips. While world domination is, errr, a lofty goal, it takes a back seat to education- Indigo’s key focus.

“I want to be able to educate people to help establish healthy behaviors, and habits, when out having a good time”.

Young also hopes that Indigo can help change the perspective regarding recreational drug use; to change the stigma through informational sessions at local schools and other community areas in Edmonton, and possibly beyond.