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Why You Should Check Out ‘In the Key of She’

It’s no secret that women have been historically underrepresented in the dance music scene, but thanks to recent trailblazers in production, DJing, and music business, women are making their way to the forefront of the industry. If you’re looking for more ways to be a part of the change, a new London radio show named “In the Key of She” is for you.

“In the Key of She” is run by SISU, a female artist collective that serves to educate and connect female DJs in central London. They offer workshops that focus on teaching mixing skills, but “In the Key of She” appears to be their project with the most potential for global impact.

The show is hosted on SISU’s online radio platform, 199 Radio, and provides a wider, more comprehensive understanding of women’s careers in electronic dance music. Most interestingly, “In the Key of She” is hosted by Sam Warren, Professor of Music Marketing at the University of Portsmouth, and will serve as a public forum for her larger research on the careers of female dance music musicians.

While previous 199 Radio programs feature music by women in the industry, “In the Key of She” will provide interviews with a variety of women in London’s electronic dance music scene. Their first show, which premiered on Sunday, featured an interview with Sarah Miller, a powerhouse figure in London’s music scene who serves as the boss of Power Station Recordings in addition to producing techno and DJing.

SISU is not the first collective for female DJs, but it does speak to the continued need for women’s spaces in the scene. However, the current trajectory of the dance music scene and the music industry overall is beginning to look more promising; not only are women making their mark, but infrastructure is emerging to support and promote women’s careers in dance music – and we’re loving it.

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