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DMNW Sits Down With Illvis Freshly (Exclusive Interview)

Illvis Freshly, Illvis, Interview

Although The Funkee Wadd recently parted ways, so he could focus on his own endeavors, the group continues to work with him in some capacity, which helped make the transition to Mt. Doyle on the ones and twos a smooth and natural one. The two DJs were close to begin with, so when one approached the other with talks of taking over it was more of a mutual agreement between friends, albeit a bit of a challenging one in the words of the new selector.

“So far it has been great, but Kyle (The Funkee Wadd) is a great DJ, so it’s definitely been a challenge to fit into the role. But with every show we play we get a little bit tighter, so just wait until this time next year!” – Mt. Doyle

With all four guys coming from a varied musical background, the contrasting styles of Illvis Freshly’s individual members create a mashup of sound that is not just party friendly, but also riddled with personal experiences that the listener can relate to.

Illvis Freshly, Illvis

Photo: The Real Matt Love

Described as Beastie Boys meet Sublime, it’s the type of music you can throw down to on the dance floor, but at the same time sit back and take something from it.

“It’s a mishmash of just about everything. In the same song you might find styles that should never be put together, smashed together, and we just find a way to make it work.” – Doc Zoo & Phil Lyons

There’s a lesson to learn from every piece of music that’s made, but Illvis Freshly pride themselves on making music that people can relate to, and have a good time while doing so. It’s that connection with the audience, either in person or electronically, that helps drive the group to continue to do what they do best.

“We talk about things that people give a shit about, because we give a shit about them too.” – Danimal House

The boys spent 2015 getting their name out to the world, and with their music receiving national radio play, being nominated for multiple awards, and performed at festivals like Shambhala, Tall Tree, and Atmosphere Gathering, we think they’ve done just that. But while they’re proud of what they’ve accomplished in their short time as a group, Illvis Freshly is content on bigger and better things, taking the time to comb over all the fine details they felt could’ve used more attention on their first album.

What’s next for the funky fresh foursome?  Aside from 3-4 new videos that are about to trickle into the stream, two new albums are currently in the works. One, a good time, bass boomin’ bag o’ beats that stays true to their party rockin’ roots; with the other focusing more on the personal experiences and pitfalls of the party scene, featuring a classic, rock/hip-hop/funk/mashup sound.

“We’re trying to write songs, as opposed to writing raps.” – Doc Zoo

Recently featured on the title track of Featurecast’s new album, Shout It Out, there’s no hiding the fact Illvis Freshly is on the up and up. And with that new new coming down the pipeline, as well as some hush hush we’re not at liberty to talk about, the future of the group is clearly going to be burning bright.

Illvis Freshly, Illvis, Logo

Photo: Kyle Waddington

Catch Illvis Freshly live if you’re in the Victoria area this summer at SkaFest, or if you’re lucky enough to call the Island home then don’t miss their Funko De Mayo show at Distrikt this Thursday! Check out the debut album What Chu Know About Illvis?, and follow the boys on social media for news on shows, album updates, and more from the freshest crew in the PNW as they continue their mission to re-define West Coast hip hop.

Are you a fan of the Illvis Freshly sound? Share your thoughts by commenting below or follow DMNW on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let us know just how fresh you are!

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