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BC’s Own Illvis Freshly Burns It Down In Funky New Video

It’s so very rare to find such a universally adored group, but Vancouver Island supergroup Illvis Freshly has that on lock. Not only are these some of the nicest dudes we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, they’re also flipping the west coast scene on it’s side with their eclectic and inspiring mix of hip hop, funk, breaks and straight up party music.

Breaking the mold of the traditional unit, the group boasts two lightning fast MCs, Doc Zoo and Danimal House, blistering guitar licks from Phil Lyons, and backing it up is the groups DJ, Mt. Doyle, an already an established name in the PNW drum n bass scene. Together they come together to make a four-headed funk monster that shows no signs of stopping. From headlining gigs all across the country, to their upcoming tour with superstar MC Emotionz and his friends, 2017 has been the year of Illvis, and they’re about to flip 2018 upside down.

Hot on the heels of a massively successful summer, the boys performed everywhere, from Tall Tree Music Festival, Victoria Ska and Reggae Fest, to Quadrapalooza on Quadra Island. All the while, Illvis Freshly was cranking out new tunes and collaborations with Victoria’s Caleb Hart and Father Funk, and making music videos like the one we’re about to unveil today.

Taking their signature brand of humour and charm to the screen, the boys premiere the video for their frenetic second single Burn It, off their sophomore album Illenials. In this 80s inspired jaunt into green screen, the guys deliver a video that perfectly matches the high energy verses and ear shattering guitar licks of this heavy, dance floor ready tune. Donned with wigs, jean jackets, and plenty of that Illvis swagger, they burn through 3 verses backed by a technicolor backdrop that looks straight out of 1982.

No one can deny these boys have creativity, and this video is another in a long line of unique videos that defined them as a group. Zany, weird, but crazy talented and so passionate. We’re really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this young group, and we’ll be following them the whole way! #TEAMILLVIS

This is one of our favourite video yet by them! What’s yours? Tell us in the comments!