Illenium Is Kicking off Summer in Eugene with Big Wild and Crywolf

Though it feels like this winter is never going to end, festival season is on its way, and we have to start preparing! Many of us are already thinking about what shows and festivals we are going to attend. Illenium will be making his way back to the Northwest, and it’s a great addition of the show lineup this spring.

This time he will be in Eugene. He will be playing at the Cuthbert Amphitheater with support from Big Wild and Crywolf (live).

Illenium has been to the Northwest a number of times, and each show the crowd goes crazy. He opened for Kaskade, came to Seattle and Portland on his own tour, and is now heading to Eugene, where he will be kicking off an EDM-filled weekend. On Friday, May 18, Illenium, Big Wild and Crywolf will be playing, following Foam Wonderland on Saturday, May 19.

Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased here. This is the perfect weekend to get back into the spirit of festival season. Will you be kicking off summer in Eugene?