David Conger

Illenium’s Awake Tour Lights Up Black Friday in Seattle (Review)

It seemed like all of Seattle was at WaMu Theater on black Friday to see the one and only Illenium. Illenium’s Awake Tour sold out a couple weeks leading up to the show. The line formed outside of WaMu an hour before doors even opened. Desperate fans were outside trying to buy and find last-minute tickets to get into the show. We are so glad we had the opportunity to attend because the show was mind-blowing, to say the least.

Dabin and Said the Sky kicked off the night with live performances. Dabin rocking out on his electric guitar and Said the Sky banging those drums like no other. The crowd lost it when Said the Sky played a remix of Fireflies by Owl City. Every single soul in the crowd was singing the words to the song with cell phone lights flowing through the venue.

illenium awake tour stage 1

Illenium started the feels trip with Crawl Outta Love. Some memorable moments from the show? Other than all the tears and screaming, here are some of our favorite moments. The fireworks during Illenium’s Don’t Let Me Down remix, the crowd going crazy for Fractures, Feel Good, and Sound of Walking Away. Illenium “fake closed” with his remix of Marshmello’s Silence, coming back for his big finish with Beautiful Creatures, confetti flying and CO2 blasting, a more proper way to finish the show.

illenium awake tour stage 2

Overall, if you have the chance to catch Illenium on his Awake tour, do it. Live EDM truly is better.

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