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3 “Huh?” Moments in EDM Last Week

Hacker continues run through EDM artists’ social media

Someone going by “Quinn” is hacking artists’ Soundcloud and Twitter accounts, tallying three last week. Carnage, Slushii, and Ookay all had various issues with their social media, with Quinn taking credit from the get-go. Huh?

It began with Carnage’s Soundcloud account, where a track entitled Hacked By Quinn was uploaded last week. Carnage confirmed the hacking via his Twitter account, even citing the source as @ZG on the social media platform. Giving him “props”, Carnage didn’t seem too bothered by the intrusion. But Quinn wasn’t done.

Next was Slushii. The up-and-coming artist got the same treatment as Carnage, as his Soundcloud account was compromised. This time, he not only uploaded a fake track, and changed the account’s name to “Hacked by Quinn”. Slushii was less impressed by Quinn, and Soundcloud. After quickly finding out the source of the hack on Twitter, Slushii took the time to point out Soundcloud’s lack of two-way verification process.

Then, there was Ookay. Getting the evolved version of Quinn, Ookay had both his Twitter and Soundcloud hacked. Quinn took the time to send out a few random tweets as Ookay, and then retweeted a tweet from his own account with the DJ’s profile. He also got the Soundcloud profile name-change that we’ve come to expect.

It doesn’t look like the small-time hackfest will end anytime soon. It can only be so much fun doing low-level hacking of DJ’s social media accounts, but it looks as though Quinn is hardly finished.

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