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How Seattle Played A Role In Yellow Claw’s ‘Los Amsterdam’ Album

Yellow Claw and rock legends Nirvana are two completely different groups from two completely different worlds. Despite all of their differences, they both share a common bond: a Seattle recording studio. During a recent takeover of Pasquale Rotella’s Night Owl Radio, the Amsterdam trap music pioneers revealed how Stacks, one of the singles off the their new sophomore album, Los Amsterdam, came together, and how Seattle played a part.

Featuring fellow Barong Family label mate Cesqeaux, English hip hop star Tinie Tempah, and the master of the adlib, Quavo (of the Migos), Stacks sees Yellow Claw doing what it does best: create over the top, high energy anthems that will get the crowd jumping. With so many pieces, so many people, involved on the track, it took a while for it to really come together. On Night Owl Radio, Yellow Claw flashed back to a “magical” studio session in Seattle, where everything fell in place; the creation of a “fucking monster”. And monstrous it is; take a listen below!

As raucous a single as Stacks is, things do get scaled back some on Los Amsterdam. There are a few fun, mellow songs that are often led by a female vocalist; a change compared to their Blood For Mercy debut album, which was aggressive from start to finish. Changing of sound is nothing new with electronic dance music artists and it appears Yellow Claw is ready to take its’ to the next level.

After helping to ring in the new year in Seattle, you can catch Yellow Claw’s Pacific Northwest return at Paradiso AND Fvded In The Park this Summer! Tickets are currently available. Will we be seeing you at the Gorge or Holland Park?