HotBOi Records Flexes Their Muscles With New GAWP EP, ‘Blocker’

For those not yet in the know, HotBOi Records is option4‘s upcoming label with several chart-topping releases on Beatport. The aptly titled track  HotBOi Handgrenade could be heard at festivals worldwide this summer, a great example of option4 and the label’s style.

We first came across the imprint 8 months ago upon release of Will Clarke’s roller On The Train. Since then, the label has been extremely consistent in their releases—we think it’ll only get better from here. Confidently brandishing the evocative elements of techno and house, these artists are ahead of the curve and exploring unique musical boundaries.

As extremely big fans of the label and Gawp, we were excited to hear the results from the new EP Blocker. The title track, Blocker, is a jacking house-influenced tune with fat drums and vocals. To say it’s high energy may be an understatement. We love the accompanying video too—this song is great for turning up at the club, on the streets, or at the gym.

The second track on the EP Totem Recall is another tech house stomper, but with a different flavor. With 303-esque synth stabs and a bouncy beat centered around a huge kick drum, this track takes a serious cue from rolling heavy techno. We’ve had a ton of fun trying these tracks out in our Rekordbox library, and these tracks both mix well as well as preform excellently on their own.

What’s your favorite release in the HotBOi catalog? Let us know in the comments.