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How Hospital Records Handled A Racist DJ on Their Roster Perfectly

Hospital Records artist Mistabishi (aka James Pullen) took to Twitter on January 12 to express his displeasure regarding President Trump’s cancelled London visit. In the same statement, he added that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan “isn’t a real Londoner”.

At first, fans and artists questioned whether or not it was Pullen himself or a malicious hacker. Eventually, it came to light that it was indeed Pullen and this definitely wasn’t the first time that he’d posted a tirade along those lines. Knowing this, some fans publicly denounced his views while declaring that they’d throw out his records.

Pullen questioned the birthplaces of many of the people opposed to his comments, often using racial slurs to share his opinion with the masses. As if that weren’t enough, Manchester artist Chimpo shared screenshots of a Facebook thread calling him out on his behavior. Mistabishi’s derogatory comments have since been deleted.

Mixmag uncovered several past instances of Mistabishi’s xenophobic and racist remarks all over the internet. Sadly, it would appear as though he’s been making remarks of this manner for some time. While we’re not 100% certain what led to Hospital Records releasing the following statement, we can all agree that their response is perfect.

LoveMusic HateRacism released a statement of their own titled ‘Bigotry and Beats Don’t Mix’. In the statement, they explained how the income from Mistabishi’s record sales would used for the United Nations Anti-Racism Day on March 17. In addition, some funds will be used toward “spreading our unity message across the UK this year”.

Big ups to Hospital Records for making an example of Mistabishi. Racism and xenophobia shouldn’t ever be tolerated in the scene. After all, if we want to practice PLURR, shouldn’t it start at home?

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