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Here’s Some Proper Trance From PNW’s Own Sean & Xander

We at Dance Music Northwest love to represent our local scene as much as possible. That is the reason why we have our Elevation Playlist on Soundcloud so that we can introduce you to artists that are blossoming in our region. This also the reason why we are so excited to share the upcoming release of Sean & Xander’s new track, “Sean & Xander Vs James De Torres, Blue Moon” with you! The track will be available on the 25th of January, and if you are a trance lover, you should definitely get yourself a copy when it is dropped.

If you are unfamiliar with Sean & Xander, let us introduce you to them. Sean Gorey and Alexander Lueth met while attending Western Washington University a few years back. Sean had experience in the production side of music and Alex was an up and coming DJ in the local scene. They decided to team up after a while and start producing and DJing together. After Alex’s graduation, they took a brief hiatus while Sean finished up school and were reunited in Seattle and have been quietly building their sound.

Replicant was their first track, which was intended to display a unification between the darker and lighter sounds of different styles of trance.  This was followed up by another original mix titled Excursion, a driving trance track with a powerful melodic breakdown. Both originals were pushed into the Beatport top 100. In addition to these releases, they also came out with a free download called The Fall of Skynet, where the cinematic orchestra from the Terminator theme was recreated from scratch and fused with trance elements to create a massive Hollywood anthem.

Now they have teamed up with Mike Push Recordings (A Coldharbour Affiliate) for their new release, Blue Moon and it is very impressive. This progressive and melodic trance track incorporates all the elements that you would come to expect from some of the bigger veterans in the trance genre. We obviously can’t begin to describe this track with any words of any known language, besides music, so why don’t you give it a listen in the Soundcloud preview below. If you are a fan, buy the track when it comes out on January 25th and help support you local PNW artists. And if you want to see them perform live, check them out at their Appointed Nights set at Contour on January 30th.

What do you think of this track? Is it worthy of the Beatport Top 100 Trance? Let us know in the comments below. [bpm_ad]