George Hatiras & Terrence Leung

Hatiras is Releasing a New 90s-Inspired Album

Hatiras is known for his deep house, simplistic music vibes that are reminiscent of early 90’s techno; his tracks have accrued wide acclaim over the years for his commitment to preserving dance music’s past by fusing it with the future sounds we all know and love.

It’s with this mindset that Hatiras created a new album named Magic 11. This album is comprised of 11 tracks with the 12th being a fluid mix of the entire album much like Deadmau5 did with his album 4×4=12. While the tracks flow into one another flawlessly, you’ll also have the opportunity to listen to it as a full mix which creates a truly unique listening experience.

We had the chance to talk to Hatiras about this album and what compelled him to make it.

I wanted to delve into a range of authentic underground house styles – filtered disco house, bass house, quirky electro, Ibiza/Balearic vibes, and acid house. I let the music make itself rather than overthink it. The theme is “Magic Eleven” and I wanted to keep the sound of the late 90s inspired with classic production techniques; sampling, analog equipment etc. as opposed to the over-produced/ overly busy EDM stuff of today.

This commitment to authentic music-making inspired by simpler production techniques is heard throughout the album. There’s a subtle simplicity to each track, paired with a strong chill vibe that makes one think of a summer evening in Ibiza; there isn’t a lot of fuss or reliance on sound effects, synth, or other generic sound samples you may find in mainstream EDM today.

It’s this that sets Magic Eleven apart from a lot of albums released this year. It’s easy, breezy, and gets you in the groove to keep the good vibes rolling. You’ll be able to grab your copy of Magic Eleven soon, as it releases on Traxsource August 11th and all other music stores like iTunes and Beaport on August 22nd.