Imogen Heap Working On Soundtrack For Harry Potter And the Cursed Child

Due out November 4, Imogen Heap will be releasing a soundtrack of music that accompanied the stage production for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. J.K. Rowling’s follow up to the Harry Potter franchise is a story about the next generation of witches and wizards featuring storylines that follow the children of your favorite characters including Harry and Ginny as well as Ron and Hermione.

Written specifically for the stage, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” has seen momentous success including the script being turned into a novel for all those Potterheads out there. On stage productions are limited in scope of effects and technology that you’d expect from a film, so they rely heavily on music to create emotions, set moods, and create ambiance.

The right music accompaniment makes all the difference and with the help of an amazing singer/songwriter such as Imogen Heap creating a score for the wizarding world of Harry Potter it will be nothing short of magical.

News about Imogen Heap working on a soundtrack that will compliment the stage production is exciting to say the least, even more exciting is the opportunity to purchase this album for your own collection. The album will feature four distinct suites of music presented chronologically as featured in the stage production.

Also a part of this release will be a series of tracks that are part of Imogen Heap’s back log of music. You can pre-order the album now through Amazon, or wait until the full-release on November 4. Let the cooing voice of Imogen Heap cast a spell on you and all your friends.