Rave Safety 101

Dance Music Northwest believes it’s important for everyone to have a safe place to learn about harm reduction, and how you can be more active in improving safety at every show you attend. You have the power to create a safer, more open environment, and we’re here to help. This is your hub for everything related to festival safety and harm reduction.

We need action here at home. Responsible decision-making, empowered by common sense harm reduction policies, is the only way to prevent festival injuries and deaths. (Read more on that here) We want those policies to begin right here in Seattle, where Dance Music Northwest is based, then expand to cities like Portland, Spokane, Vancouver, Boise, and beyond.

Our goal is to convince the Seattle City Council to adopt common sense harm reduction policies. Specifically, to grant organizations that provide pill and powder testing at festivals amnesty from prosecution. A 2014 ANKORS/Shambhala study found that over 50% of festival attendees who tested their drugs disposed of them if they weren’t the substances they believed them to be.

We can’t do it alone. Along with information that will keep you and your friends safe, you’ll find links to share your support for common sense harm reduction with Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council. They’re in the right sidebar, or at the bottom on mobile. Please take 90 seconds and tell the people who represent you that enough is enough—it’s time to take action. It’s time for change.

Action Item #1 – Sign the petition to amend the RAVE Act now!
The federal RAVE Act prevents common sense harm reduction policies.

Action Item #2 – Read the DanceSafe information database now!
Many ravers don’t know how drugs really work, or how to safely use them.

Action Item #3 – Share this information with your friends!