Inside Hardwell’s Final Farewell in Amsterdam

Last month, Hardwell shocked everyone when he announced that he was indefinitely clearing his schedule after his upcoming tours and performances. Although it’s really hard for fans to see Hardwell go, he reassures us that his love for music will always carry on and that the love and support we’ve given him over the years is something he will always cherish.

Hardwell’s final performance was on October 18th at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event. Like every set Hardwell has done, it has left us speechless and wanting more. We wish Robbert the best of luck to discover more passions and we can’t wait to welcome him back with open arms.

What can I say, Amsterdam? Thank you guys, all of you guys, so much for fulfilling my dreams. Thank you guys so much for this opportunity to show something more musical than I normally do – together with these guys, obviously. Thank you guys so much for showing up and believing in us. This night shows that music is uniting people. It can be dance music, it can be classical music, it can be jazz, it can be R&B, whatever you name it – but music is the most universal language on earth and you guys proved in tonight. Thank you so much, I’ll be back!

We’re not crying. You are.

Watch Hardwell’s final performance as he bids us a final farewell.

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