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Hardwell and W&W Release Free Track ‘The Dance Floor Is Yours’

At one time you could find us going crazy over every brand new track Hardwell was releasing. Spaceman, Voyage, Kontiki, Encoded, basically anything that was produced from early to mid 2013 and previous hit a sweet spot in our ears. Unfortunately the sounds of some of our favorite producers Hardwell and W&W, have come to a holding place. Either that or our expectations are now higher than they once were. Despite the fact we’ve lost interest in some of the most repetitive sounds in electronic music, Hardwell and W&W give their fans a well deserved freebie. The Dance Floor Is Yours proves to not be as terrible as some of their most recent releases, as it showcases a few new bleeps and bloops. We will say it’s great to see long time friends in and outside of music still taking the time to produce tracks in the studio.

Side note, we wish to see Hardwell and W&W return to Seattle for a much anticipated return. FreakNight perhaps?

Click here and pick up The Dance Floor Is Yours for free.