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Big Slide Records Releases “Hard To Feel” Official Remix Compilation

In October, Kody Ryan released Hard to Feel. It is a beautiful track, and now a number of other local artists want to remix it. Big Slide Records, the local indie electronic label based in Seattle is putting out their first official remix compilation. The compilation track is out today (4/16) on Soundcloud, and will be out on all other platforms this Friday (4/20).

Dream Journal, Jamie Blake, Justin Hartinger, and Wokr will be featured on the compilation. Each artist was able to keep the amazing work Kody Ryan did, while making it their own. They were looking to enhance what he had already done, while hopefully getting the music to more people.

With every remix you can hear what each artist put into the music. Each artists style of music comes out, highlighting their own feel and allowing creativity. They all had a different plan for the track, and it is cool to hear, Justin Hartinger said,

“All music producers go through this. Sometimes when you hear a song you love so much that you wish you had made it or been involved with it in some way. Being the A&R to bring this track to Big Slide wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to see it grow, grow in numbers, grow on people, and grow better with time. When Kody agreed to a remix compilation it was my chance to give it my take without ruining what Kody had originally done.”- Justin Hartinger (BSR Founder and roster artist)

Check it out here and let us know what you think!