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GRiZMATiK Strikes Again With “As We Proceed”

When two musical talents collide, you can often expect greatness. When Gramatik and GRiZ team up, you get an ear full of EDM soul music. The two artists joined their talents as GRiZMATiK, and have given us their latest release As We Proceed.

Modern soul music that makes you want to move is something that Denis Jasarevic (Gramatik) blesses us with. He is the genius behind this jazz flowing dance music that we hear, helping bring soul music back in style. In the mood for a chill day? Check out the remixes that he did.

A splash of electronic music makes everything better right? Grant Kwiecinski (GRiZ) did just that by bringing soul music to life by injecting electro into it. The Detroit artist spread his love for music with his saxophone and his musical talent. GRiZ is no stranger to the PNW, appearing multiple times in the Northwest the past year.

The two artists share their common love for soul, funk, electronic and dance music. Whenever they come together, a musical masterpiece is around the corner. Listen to As We Proceed, and let us know what you think.