The Holiday season is a time of giving. Though not everyone has the funds or opportunities to give back, those that do can make a huge impact in someone else’s holiday season. A DJ that understands giving back, is GRiZ. GRiZ’s annual GRiZMAS is on its 5th year this year, and the activities, music, and ways to give back are as always, amazing.

12 Days of GRiZMAS will be happening in Detroit where GRiZ grew up from December 4th to December 15th. There are many ways people can give back: you can donate to their ongoing coat and toy drive, donate your time around Detroit, you can give back while bowling, doing yoga, playing video games, attending a local mic night, roller skating or attending a show from GRiZ himself. But we also understand that Detroit is a bit far away from the Northwest, so you can always donate here as well.

This is a beautiful event and “100% of the proceeds from every charitable GRiZMAS event go toward increasing access to music education in Detroit’s public schools.” GRiZ is showing how important it is to give back, and how fun it can be as well.

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