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Griz Plays Acoustic Set For Fans After Police Unplug the Speakers

Just a few days ago, when performing at Mystic Festival in Houston, TX, Griz had his set shut down by the police before he was able to perform. It would be really disappointing to have something end your set early; take a look at Mimosa’s recent reaction to having his equipment unplugged. It would be even more frustrating to have the show shut down before getting started. Griz is a real gentleman though, and performed an acoustic set on the saxophone backstage for fans. Instead of getting upset at festival organizers, he called the event the highlight of his summer.

“We would like to sincerely apologize to all of those who came to see Griz last night. The neighbors in the area called several times with complaints and the cops would not allow us to continue.” -Mystic Festival Management

griz post july 28

Credit: facebook.com/therealGRiZ

Griz, aka Grant Kwiecinski, is a 21-year old artist from Detriot, who brings us glitch hop, funk and bass in a dirty and upbeat sound that is redolent of Pretty Lights and Gramatik. In fact, Griz and Gramatik partner and perform as Grizmatik, calling their sound “Electro Soul devastation“. And in case you didn’t catch it, they’re coming to Freaknight 2014 to help us get dirty funky. Griz is a superbly-talented DJ who can also rip it on the saxophone with the best of them; check out the performance he gave in Houston on Youtube: