Some Great Electronic Music For Your Post-Election Blues

So as of December 19, it’s official, a new president has been chosen for 2017. No matter what side you were on for this election, there is no denying the aftermath is bringing a lot of negativity. People are uncertain and in disagreement. So with the winter blues and post-election feelings taking hold, we are here to bring you some feel good, stress free music.

We must remember as a community we are here to help each other. A lot of us turn to music to keep us going. These songs are meant to put a smile on your face and maybe remind you why we spread the love of EDM. If anything these songs will make you dance, which in turn will release endorphins! So go forth, dance, and stick together.

Vieux Farka Toure – Ana (KarlK Remix)

This song will help with those winter blues. Though it may be raining, this track will make you feel like you are back on the beach. The easy going reggae feel will relax you while getting your body moving.

La Fuente – Music You Show Me How To Love

Music You Show Me How To Love not only has a beautiful sound but the lyrics are also fitting for this point in time. As a community that turns to the music for guidance and encouragement we should be showing people the power of music and what it can do, it can show people how to love.

Big Wild – Aftergold

You cannot stay still during this song. The instrumentals are just what you need to get moving. The mix of orchestral and string sounds are made modern for a great change. You will want to be clapping your hands with them.

Yves Larock & LVNDSCAPE feat. Jaba – Rise Up

This song is just all around positive and good vibes. While the lyrics talk about peoples dreams, the music video shows what can happen when you want to achieve a goal and have the correct direction. You can go far when you have support from others.

Pep & Rash – Love The One You’re With

And last but certainly not least, Pep & Rash. It is an upbeat track that takes you back to the time of disco. This song will definitely get you dancing. But if the song doesn’t get you smiling, the music video will. Maybe you can pick up some dance moves from Soul Rain.

Hopefully with music we can find comfort and remember that we have each other to lean on.

What are your favorite tracks to dance to?