Photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash

Goldman Sachs COO David Solomon Makes a New Name for Himself as a DJ

Balancing work, music and home life can be difficult, but finance mogul David Solomon seems to have it mastered, and at 56 years old he is proving that DJing can be a path for anyone. Earlier this year, he released his first track under his DJ moniker DJ D-Sol, and also became president and chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs. Taking up DJing in your 50’s is not exactly common, but he has stuck with it and is already experiencing industry success; he spins house and disco music.

D-Sol is a definite stand-out in the staid, workaholic culture of banking and finance. A passionate person in general, he says he first took notice of EDM five or seven years ago, at a time when he was the head of the G.S. investment banking unit. His first single, Don’t Stop, is a simple melodic “house” tune that samples the same 40-year-old Fleetwood Mac song. The track is well mastered and very lyrical, building up slowly to a simple drop of the “don’t stop thinking about tomorrow” lyrics. It is high energy, lyric heavy, and full of beach + sun vibes. It released on June 1st on CROWD, a New York based electronic music record label.

Just like Paris Hilton, it seems that his high-profile status and connections are the driving force behind his DJ bookings. So many are out there trying to “make it” mixing track to track and having problems getting traction, but D-Sol has already traveled internationally to play and has acted as direct support for the incredible Paul Oakenfold at the EMA awards.

This original track is sure to open new doors for him, do you find it to be a club banger?