The Glitch Mob is Returning to The Village at This Year’s Shambhala Music Festival

    Early this morning, The Village Stage announced that The Glitch Mob, fresh off announcing a new tour and album, would be returning to grace us with their presence once again.

    10 years ago in 2008, The Glitch Mob graced the decks of The Village Stage, in one of the most visceral and high energy sets of that year, and possibly the years following. For those who were there, the memory is burned into their minds forever as one of the pinnacles of performance on that stage, and for those who missed it, you’ve had to be inundated with stories of this legendary performance.

    (Hearing the opening notes of Seven Nation Army out of complete silence at the rowdiest stage in Western Canada still remains one of the most haunting moments of my entire life, to be honest)

    Since then, every year, they’ve been a requested act for any and all stages, with people begging for another dose of that. Now, in 2018, we finally got our wish.

    Shambhala Music Festival is one of our favourite places on earth, evident from the massive amount of coverage, and the fact that almost all of our writers, no matter where they are, make time to check out this world class festival. Tucked into the trees in the expansive Kootenay region of the west coast, Shambhala’s influence on the festival game is unparalleled, boasting some of the most legendary and revered artists in EDM history, everyone from Felix da Housecat to Skrillex has graced one of the 7 unique stages provided by this giant. But one set stood out over the years…

    This is one of the biggest announcements we can think of, and really sets the tone for the rest of the stage announcements, which shouldn’t be far behind! More details to follow, check their social media feeds all over for more announcements as they happen, and always check back here, since we’re all about this festival!

    What do you guys think? How excited are you?! Let us know in the comments!