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Disco Legend Giorgio Moroder to Grace Seattle With All Ages Show April 22nd

Seattle has become a hot spot for many genres of electronic music, drawing on big names such as Skeam, Tchami, and Amtrac to perform in the area within the past month. One artist had us stopping and staring when they announced an all ages show at The Neptune on April 22 —electronic legend Giorgio Moroder.

Even if you have never heard of this disco producer before, it is more than likely that you have heard one of the hundreds of tunes he has produced. Having a history of working with a variety of artists such as David Bowie, Janet Jackson and Donna Summer, we know his performance is sure to take our breath away.

The song Giorgio by Moroder off Daft Punk’s 2013 album Random Access Memories allowed Giorgio to recently introduce a new audience to his particular style. In the introductory monologue, Moroder explains how he created “the sound of the future,” the steady beat that went on to influence house, techno, drum and bass and just about every other genre of electronic music to date.

Without disco, not only would the music scene be extremely different than it is today, but it would also heavily affect our culture. Disco is one of the first scenes where gays and rebellious young adults felt free to act how ever they chose without judgement.

Let us embrace the music of Giorgio Moroder as we groove to some of the biggest hits of 70’s and 80’s counter culture. Get your tickets $26.50 tickets here! What’s your favorite disco tune? What throwback do you hope Moroder plays at The Neptune? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!