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How To Get A Refund For Your Night 2 FreakNight Ticket

After the announcement of Freaknight’s second day being cancelled, there were 20,000+ confused and upset attendees sent into the streets of Seattle with a bitter taste in their mouths. With the speculation of a Friday night attendee tragically passing away after being transported from WaMu Theater, USC Events had no choice but to cancel the second night of the annual Freaknight Festival. Per their official statement, USC was not aware of the incident until shortly before 4pm on Saturday, right about the time the doors to WaMu were supposed to be open and the music was to start playing, causing a bit of a fiasco. WaMu Theatre is not owned by USC Events, resulting in a cancellation of the event that was out of their control.

 After discussing the situation with USC Events, First & Goal, Inc. decided to cancel the second night of the show just before 6 p.m. –USC Events Official Statement 

With no time to warn the mass amounts of people until they were lined up outside of the venue, USC Events did the best they could with what they had at the time. As promised, they released information today on how to receive your refund for the second evening of Freaknight. 

Ticketmaster Purchases

If you purchased a single day ticket for Saturday, November 1, you’ll be able to receive an entire refund from your point of purchase beginning on Monday, November 3 at 3:30pm. You will need to present your Saturday ticket (no receipt is required, just the ticket itself).

If you purchased a two-day pass to Freaknight, you will receive a refund for the Saturday portion of your ticket including 50% of all services charges. (The $3 processing fee will not be refunded.) Refunds for those who purchased a two-day pass will be available on Tuesday November 4 at 9am. You will also need to present your Saturday ticket.

If you purchased your ticket through Ticketmaster, either over the phone or online, you will automatically be refunded to the credit card used for purchase.

Retail Outlet Purchases (non-Ticketmaster)

If you purchased a two-day pass to FreakNight from a non-Ticketmaster retail outlet, your Saturday, November 1 ticket portion will be refunded. Non-Ticketmaster retail outlet refunds will be offered from Tuesday, November 11 at 12pm PST until Tuesday, December 2 at 5pm PST*.

To receive a refund for Saturday’s ticket, return to the specific retail outlet location where the ticket was originally purchased. The retail outlet will provide a 50% refund of the original two-day pass purchase price. (The $5 processing fee will not be refunded)

*Non-Ticketmaster retail outlet purchases will not be refunded after Tuesday, December 2 at 5pm PST, so be sure to get your refund before then!

If you did not purchase your ticket through an authorized outlet or authorized third party, there will not be a refund offered. CenturyLink Field suggests contacting you point of sale to try and get your refund. Please visit CenturtyLink Field’s site for exact refund information here.