Get Schwifty With These Rick and Morty Tracks

While impatiently waiting for Season 3

Let’s get real for a minute, we’d be kidding ourselves if we weren’t impatiently waiting the return of Rick & Morty. With the last episode of Season 2 airing just over a year ago, we’ve had plenty of time to wonder what the future will hold for the Grandfather and Grandson duo. Festival season has kept our minds busy enough to forget about the wait, but now that we’re heading into winter we just can’t take it much longer. With no official date as of yet when Season 3 will air, we’re stuck binge watching seasons 1 and 2 until it does.

Rick and Morty has become somewhat of a fixture in the dance music scene, and we love it. From totems to costumes, to a Rick and Morty themed rave. It’s pretty hard not to run into something from the show at an event. For those who may not have watched the show, we highly suggest picking an episode (any episode for that matter) and getting back to us. If the memorabilia and giant totems aren’t enough, even producers have figured out away to show their love of the show. If you’re looking to take a break from the TV, and wanting to get a little schwifty, then these are the tracks you’re looking for.

With space, aliens, time travel, and library of samples PERFECT for a heavy drop – it’s pretty obvious to see why dubstep is the clear winner here when it comes to Rick and Morty. Regardless of genre, however, we get excited anytime a producer releases a Rick and Morty themed track. So to all those DJs and producers our there… SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!