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Get Ready To Get Heavy With Crookers’ New Album And Tour

Genre pushing Crookers dropped singles such as Heavy and #GHETTOGUETTA  last year, inducing excited response from fans. Listening to those tracks has left us wanting more of his unique sound, especially in a market full of so many followers. The wait for the full album is finally over.The album entitled Sixteen Chapel is out now and you can head over to SoundCloud or iTunes to check it out. Not one to follow the trends and stick with what’s popular, Crookers has released an album that pushes house music while not being afraid to throw in some trap or electro. Full of energy and filthy tracks, it’s sure feature some tracks that will have you jumping and dancing at clubs or festivals later this year.

Crookers is now on tour, with his most recent stop being at the SXSW festival and will take various stops across the US and worldwide.  He will be here in Seattle tonight as part of his tour, so check out the event page for more details. Check out the album and let us know what you think. You can reach us on Facebook and Twitter or will we see you tonight?